DNA Of The Gods

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DNA of the Gods is an Anthropologist examination of human intelligence. The B4’5 Haplo group indicates a traversal of the world’s oceans in deep antiquity 50,000 years ago. The Neanderthals have tested positive for the human speech locus at 300, 000 years ago. Find the discovery of the speech gene locus, and the deep roots never mixing with the apes in the human genome. Archaeology indicates a deep antiquity to human intelligence. What are the OoPArts (Out of place artifacts.)? There are applications to Psychology from the brain to the Psychoanalysis of Dorothy Gale. Read the implications in speech modeling for computers. What is the science and technology of The Matrix? Where did the human gene for speech come from and could it be extraterrestrial? Do genes come from the stars? Read the first mention of the Gray Alien in literature.

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